Q: Why do the prices vary by breed?

A: Different breeds have different coat types.  Therefore, the tools, shampoos, and time required to groom them can be quite variable.


Q: My dog’s nails are extremely long.  Why can’t you make them very short?

A: When a dog’s nails are overgrown, the quick (nerves & blood) grows out too.  If we shorten them too much, it will be painful and the dog will bleed. If you bring your dog in once a week to have their nails trimmed, we will be able to get them progressively shorter.  The quick will begin to recede.


Q: Will you express my dog’s anal gland?

A: No.  It is our policy NOT to express the anal gland.  Bowel movements should express the gland naturally for your dog.  If not, then we recommend talking to your veterinarian.  We feel strongly that this procedure should only be completed by an experienced veterinarian or vet tech.  If done incorrectly, it is possible to cause permanent damage and pain for your dog.


Q: Does my dog or cat need to be vaccinated for you to groom?

A: Yes. Cats and dogs are both required to be current on their rabies and distemper vaccinations.  Bordatella (kennel cough) is also required for dogs.  You may provide a copy of your records or have your veterinarian fax them directly to us. For your convenience, you can also simply provide us with the name of your veterinarian and we will speak directly to them to obtain the records.


Q: Can you shave my dog for the summer?

A: Yes, we can. However, we do not recommend it for all breeds.  Dogs like Chows, Norwegian Elkhounds, Pomeranians, and others with double coats may not do well when shaved.  The thick undercoat protects the dog’s skin from both heat & cold.  It is natural for your dog to shed this undercoat, especially in the spring.  When you shave a dog with this type of coat, the grey or beige undercoat typically grows back twice as thick and much more rapidly than the outer coat.  If your dog’s outer coat does not grow back correctly, it can leave your dog with a condition known as Coat Funk.  Part of the full groom is hand stripping out the loose undercoat.  This is a natural, painless procedure for your dog.  We probably won’t be able to get all of it, but your dog’s fur will look and feel infinitely better!